Combining Max Brauer School model with the principles of Finnish educational system, we have developed a new individual learning methodology which has not been yet applied in Lithuania, in accordance with the general secondary education programme approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.

FORVARDAS school methodology is based on the following:


  • Learning content is actually (not in a declaratory manner) personalized by tailoring it to every child’s abilities and learning pace (with a focus on basic competencies); thanks to this methodology, gifted pupils can expand and deepen their knowledge, improve their skills and competencies more rapidly;
  • The school aspires practical application of knowledge and holds off from focusing solely on academic knowledge and chasing after high academic achievements;
  • The emphasis is laid on showing confidence in children and their ability to learn independently by assuming responsibility;
  • The teacher takes a different role: he is a partner, assistant, and consultant in the educational process, who helps the children reveal their proactive behaviour, enthusiasm, and intrinsic motivation.

Individual learning

Mathematics, Lithuanian language and English language

  • Learning at individual pace
  • Learning based on the individual plan (with the possibility to ask the teacher or other pupils for help)
  • Knowledge check and recording of achievements by means of a topic completion test, a presentation, or an interview with the teacher


  • Focus on basic competences
  • Intrinsic motivation (possibility to learn more than required) and personal responsibility for learning results

Interdisciplinary learning – project work

6 projects implemented in a year, integrating history, science and other subjects

  • Learning through experience without fear to cross the boundaries of a particular subject
  • Learning alone and together with other pupils. The final result of a project is presented to the school´s community


  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Focus on practice and applicability, learning outside the school
  • Learning individually and in a group
  • Learning based on personal inclinations and interests

Additional activities

Compulsory and optional additional activities

  • Optimal conditions for every pupil to recognize his personal strengths and inclinations
  • Compulsory activities: music, art, aikido (as physical education), ICT, etc.*
  • Optional additional activities: theater, chess, handicraft, cooking, gardening, etc.*

*Preliminary list of activities – to be specified.

Student's individual
learning steps

A topic that will be individually studied that day is chosen

A file of the chosen topic contains theoretical material or links to a textbook/media files, practical examples, material for exercises and a self-assessment test

Theoretical material is studied individually

If help is needed, the student can address a classmate who is already well-versed in the subject, or the teacher

When the student thinks he has assimilated the topic (by taking a self-assessment test)

he/she approaches the teacher who selects a suitable evaluation method for checking what he/she has learned

After a successful evaluation

the student receives an approval mark in his personal learning plan

Research reveals that in terms of knowledge, the ninth-graders of the Max Brauer School are two years ahead of their peers from traditional schools of Germany.

Following the Max Brauer School model, in FORVARDAS School…


  • …there is no teacher-centred instruction (i. e., the teacher does not run the lesson standing in front of the class and instructing all children in the same manner and at the same time);
  • …schoolwork takes place from 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. without fragmentation into 45 min lessons; there is no school bell;
  • …there is no homework; children do not have to take textbooks and exercise-books home.


Pradinė mokykla

Praktinė informacija

UAB”Laisvosios mokyklos institutas”

Lyglaukių g.38, 38A, Paliepių k.,

Vilniaus r. sav., Lietuva, 13280

Phone: +370 655 52169


UAB”Laisvosios mokyklos institutas”

Lyglaukių g.38, 38A, Paliepių k.,

Vilniaus r. sav., Lietuva, 13280

Phone: +370 655 52169

Monthly tuition fee is 560 EUR (10 instalments/year). Admission fee – 350 EUR. Single annual fee for learning materials – 210 EUR.   



Practical information

Tuition fee includes:

  • education according to the general education programme,
  • child supervision on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (from September to June ),
  • English language lessons every day (using CLIL and language immersion methods),
  • optional foreign language lessons,
  • subjects supplementing the curriculum: Global goals, time management, horticulture, music band, ect.
  • excursions and educational activities in Vilnius (charges for sightseeing trips around Lithuania and abroad are subject to individual agreement),
  • personal mentorship,
  • traditional annual school holidays and celebrations.


Fee applies to school year 2019/2020.